Terms Of Service

By using any of Salem On Ice's services, including any services found on the website, you agree to voluntarily consent to any and all Terms of Service found herein.
Salem On Ice has the right to modify this Terms of Service agreement at our discretion, and the terms will become effective immediately upon publication to this website.

Satisfaction Policies

We provide the ticketing software used to process ticket sales and admissions for the events on this website. You can let us know if you are not satisfied with your service.

Accuracy of Information

Users of Salem on Ice's services certify that any information provided to us is complete and accurate. Salem On Ice will make every effort to validate the billing information you provide to us; however, if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your tickets or prohibit you from using this website.

Alteration of Event Listings

Salem On Ice reserves the right to expunge any event from the Salem On Ice website at any time, under any circumstances, and for any reason.

Refund Policies

Salem On Ice is unable to offer refunds after a ticket has been purchased; however, all sales are final.

Salem On Ice Ticket Purchasing Fees

Salem On Ice is not responsible for any carrier fees associated with mobile ticket delivery or website usage.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Salem On Ice currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards for payment. All transactions will post a Salem On Ice memo on your billing/bank statement. Transactions are handled by Stripe (Stripe). Stripe will have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Service you must agree to.

Privacy Policies

Salem On Ice respects your right to privacy. Privacy policies are outlined in the Salem On Ice Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you are also agreeing to the terms set forth in the Salem On Ice Privacy Policy.

Refusal of Services

Salem On Ice reserves the right to bar any registered client from use of any or all of Salem On Ice’s services at any time, under any circumstances, and for any reason. Violation of any of the guidelines below will always result in such punitive action.

Ticket Purchasing Limits

In order to discourage unfair ticket purchase practices, we may set maximum limits for the number of tickets purchased per person. Any attempted or actual circumvention of these limits by a customer will result in the termination of any further use of any Salem On Ice services and the nullification of any tickets purchased.

Unlawful Ticket Reselling

Salem On Ice in no way condones the unlawful resale of tickets. Any unlawful attempt to resell tickets purchased through Salem On Ice will result in Salem On Ice terminating those tickets without compensation, as well as the customer being barred indefinitely from use of any Salem On Ice services.

Violation of Terms

If you violate any of the terms herein, Salem On Ice reserves the right to terminate your account, bar you from using any Salem On Ice services, cancel any ticket orders and take appropriate legal action. No refunds will be provided.

External Links

Salem On Ice is not responsible for any content or services provided by any websites outside of the Salem On Ice website. This includes any content posted on any sponsor or third party affliation website or on any sites linked from these pages.

Age Requirements

Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using Salem On Ice's website or applications to purchase or reserve tickets, passes, events and parties.

Acceptable Use

Salem On Ice grants you a non-exclusive right to access the Salem On Ice Service for the purposes of browsing the site, searching for events, registering for events, and interacting with events, organizers, and Salem On Ice. The following uses of the Service — including the site and all functions therein — are strictly forbidden:

Using the Service in any way that violates the Terms of Service;
Using the Service in any way that breaches any applicable local, national, or international laws and regulations;
Attempting to reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise disclose the underlying source code or infrastructure of the Service;
Using the Service for fraudulent activity or activity that facilitates fraud;
Using or enabling others to use bots, scrapers, spiders, or any other automated means to access the Service for any purpose without the written permission of Salem On Ice;
Using or enabling others to use the Service in a way that imposes what Salem On Ice deems to be an illicit, excessive, or unnecessarily heavy burden on our infrastructure, regardless whether such activity is an intentional attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the Site;
Bypassing or enabling others to bypass any measures we take to restrict access to unauthorized areas of the Service.